Each of our divisions is designed to address unique challenges within communities and leverage their distinct strengths. Our civic activations reach more than 20,000 families annually, transforming marginalized neighborhoods into communities that thrive.

1. Community Activation
2. Economic Vitality
3. Capacity to Thrive
4. Environmental Health
5. Youth Development

Community Activation  

Dedicated to building and sustaining resilient, adaptable, and socially engaged communities.

Economic Vitality

Focused on investing in the gifts and talents of disenfranchised individuals and communities to drive economic growth.

capacity to thrive

Centered on asset-based community development to build strengths and support residents in reaching their full potential.

Environmental Health

Committed to enhancing the well-being of our environment and creating sustainable communities.

Youth Development

Aimed at fostering growth and active participation of young individuals in the community, offering opportunities for their development.

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