Youth development from an asset-based perspective focusing on the gifts and talents of every child.  

The SBCC Approach

In contrast to the traditional deficit model, SBCC is revolutionizing education with a strengths and interest-based personalized learning approach. By focusing on what students excel at and what captures their interests, SBCC ensures education equity and excellence. Through this method, SBCC is not just closing the achievement gap but completely redefining how educational support is delivered in under-served communities.

The Work We Do 

‍Thriving Together is a strength and interest-based community learning model that provides high-quality youth development and after-school programs to children in under-served communities. This initiative is designed to spotlight and celebrate the gifts and talents of each participant and to encourage their contribution. Each child is an active collaborator in determining what the curriculum will be and what activities are fun and engaging. The decision-making power belongs to the children and their creativity. 

Catering to a wide array of students, our curriculum is based on STREAM principles (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math). High school students employed as tutors, mentors, and role models. We emphasize vital life skills like leadership, patience, problem-solving, confidence, communication, and cooperation. 

Furthermore, our comprehensive seven-week summer program offers K-12 students an enriching experience filled with team-building activities, creative arts, history, STREAM projects, and exciting weekly field trips. At Thriving Together, we redefine learning, making education enjoyable and impactful for every child.

Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, our distance learning pods have emerged as indispensable lifelines, equipping students and families with essential tools for seamless remote learning experiences.

At Thriving Together, we redefine education, ensuring it is both enjoyable and impactful for every child we serve.

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