Revolutionizing therapeutic approaches with a foundation in resilience.

The SBCC Approach 

In contrast to traditional diagnosis-driven therapy models, SBCC operates under a resiliency model that places trust in an individual's capacity to overcome obstacles and discover a new path forward. We focus on developing compassionate relationships where counselors draw from their own shared experiences and treat individuals as equals. Rooted in empathy, respect, and the transformative power of social networks, we foster a profound sense of community and interconnectedness. In this way, our approach goes beyond healing; it's about rediscovering strength, nurturing resilience, and embracing a future filled with possibilities.

The Work We Do

SBCC offers a holistic approach to coaching and the overall well-being of individuals and families regardless of income. We offer support to individuals who don't have insurance, are undocumented, and who are turned away by traditional mental health agencies. We partner with individuals and families to help them fulfill their unique goals and dreams for the future. SBCC coaches use their knowledge to connect participants to various social networks that enhance participants’ sense of belonging to a shared purpose. It's not just counseling; it's a different way of using our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to lift up ourselves and the communities we live in.

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