OUR mission

50 Years of Impact

We mobilize the power of communities to fight for
social justice and equity. Our commitment is to
diverse social networks, economic vitality, and innovative neighborhood ventures.

Social Change Networks Economic Opportunities & Resources

We must seize opportunities and environments where communities can demand equity. That means giving people true hope through tools and resources that work.

Individual, Family, & Community Resiliency

We are not a service agency. We are partners who live and build with communities on this journey. Community is our weapon.

Mobilization & Action Programs

We stand by the belief that together we have the power to succeed.


Our 3 Divisions Ignite Resident-Led Community Movements

SBCC partners with residents to build empowered communities across Los Angeles county. We are a proven social change agency dedicated to activating individuals, families, and communities to fight for social justice and equity.

Our civic activations reach more than 20,000 families annually, transforming marginalized neighborhoods into communities that thrive.

Community Activation  

SBCC is flipping that narrative and creating a structure to leverage all of the assets, gifts, and talents within a community in order to drive lasting change. As such, the SBCC model of community organizing places the long-term development and growth of relationships at the center of the process. SBCC’s commitment is to help build and sustain resilient, adaptable socially-engaged communities.

Economic Vitality

Poverty is the result of a lack of investment in people’s gifts and talents, disenfranchised individuals and communities, racial and class prejudice, lack of respect for community wisdom, and the absence of educational equity. It is not defined as laziness, lack of ambition, reckless spending, poor judgement, indifference to education, deficient problem solving, lethargy, chronic substance abuse.

capacity to thrive

SBCC believes that ensuring the well-being of families is key to improving the health, safety, and success of communities at large. Asset-based community development is the philosophical cornerstone of building a resilient, connected, thriving community. By building strengths and supporting residents rather than trying to solve deficit-based problems, communities will drive lasting change.


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At every level, we believe in the importance of changing the narrative through individual empowerment.

We are committed to co-creating resilient and dynamic communities where individuals access the skills to address challenges to build solutions that last.

We love hearing directly from our resident partners. Please let us know your recommendations of how SBCC can help by filling out this form.

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