"Bridging the gap between birthing families, community resources and healthcare systems before, during, and after childbirth." - Selene Ketchum

The SBCC Approach 

At SBCC, we believe that every expecting parent deserves the support of a doula, and our Community-Based Doulas offer their services at no cost. Targeting maraganlized communities with limited access to support, our doulas’ journey extends beyond birth into the postpartum period. In these resource-scarce areas where access to care is limited, they play a pivotal role in enhancing maternal and infant health outcomes. 

The Work We Do

Since its inception in 2010, SBCC's community-based doula Program, once known as "Helping Hands" and "Loving Hearts," began as a pilot program with 15 doula trainees to a thriving support system, providing assistance to numerous families. SBCC is the only  Health Connect One replication site in LA county. These dedicated professionals undergo a rigorous 6-month training program and earn certification from Health Connect One's community-based doula organization, ensuring the highest quality of care. Our doulas offer comprehensive support including prenatal, labor, lactation, postpartum assistance and infant massage.

In 2022, the program expanded its reach from the South Bay to the South Los Angeles communities, forging partnerships with organizations like Children’s Institute and Sisters of Watts. More than just providing services, SBCC's doulas establish profound connections with new parents, offering not only physical and emotional support but essential educational resources and advocacy. These culturally sensitive, trauma informed doulas seamlessly collaborate with community partners, by building relationships with their participants and guiding families through every stage of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.


"The best thing about the Community-Based Doulas program is the sense of community, the unwavering and nonjudgmental support, and the sense of empowerment it provided."
-Courtney R.

"The best thing about the Community-Based Doulas program is all the help and support we get from them."
-Sandra G.

"The best thing about the Community-Based Doulas program is the people. My doula, Beverly, not only brought me comfort and knowledge about being a first-time mom, but she also made me feel empowered and ready for motherhood. She was there for me with any questions or concerns I had. When I felt like giving up during my birth, Beverly was there holding my hand to remind me that I was able to do it. This program will forever hold a special place in my heart ❤️." 
-Valeria R.

"The best thing about the Community-Based Doulas program is the validation and support I was given as a teenage mom. The classes they offered were so helpful and Beverly has always been available with information whenever I have had a question."
-Vanessa M.

“The best thing about the Community-Based Doulas program is the compassionate care and company during the journey from pregnancy to birth. They offer a wonderful range of information and resources. Our labor and birth experience was the best, better than anything imaginable!” 
- Katy Fernandez Pardal

 “The Community Based Doulas program at SBCC gave me the support I needed to have my dream birth. I felt so empowered by what I learned at the classes and having a doula at my birth was so helpful. I am forever grateful for Tina and the doula team.”
-Michelle Zavala

 “The absolute best part about having a Community-Based Doula is gaining knowledge and power during childbirth that you never knew you had.”
-Tiara Thomas

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