Fostering physical wellness and vitality through evidenced-based practices proven to enhance body, mind, and spirit.

The SBCC Approach 

At SBCC, we understand that exercise is not a luxury but an essential component of physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, low-income individuals often face barriers to accessing wellness activities. As part of our Well-Being Initiative, we are dedicated to ensuring that these essential resources are accessible to all, enabling individuals to prioritize their health and vitality without the burden of financial concerns.

The Work We Do

At SBCC, we offer yoga, Zumba, dance, and fitness classes to the community, aiming to enhance physical wellness and vitality through practices that have proven benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Continuous yoga practice not only fosters a sense of peace and well-being but also creates a feeling of oneness with the environment. SBCC Yoga is also a community building activity offered at our iHeart community garden on a weekly basis.  

Zumba, on the other hand, merges high-energy music with unique moves, allowing participants to dance away their worries. This fun and accessible fitness program not only benefits the body but also nurtures the mind, providing long-term health benefits.

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