Activating resident-led movements through relationship-based organizing.

The SBCC Approach

At SBCC, our approach to community organizing is resident-led, which means we give communities the autonomy to set their own goals and agendas. This activation focuses on fostering a tightly woven network of social relationships that unites residents into a powerful collective. It not only challenges oppressive social norms but also elevates the remarkable gifts and talents of everyday people, creating a disruptive force for positive change.

The work that we do

Over the past two decades, SBCC has built a powerful network of over 100 Neighborhood Action Councils (NACs) with a membership exceeding 2,000 individuals across LA County. What began as individual, one-on-one engagements with neighborhoods has transformed into a countywide initiative that has gathered a powerful coalition of voices, uniting under a common agenda. Within this framework, NAC members work together to shape their own unique neighborhood identities, seamlessly integrating into a broader countywide network. Together, they work towards shared objectives, including educating, engaging, and empowering residents, leading to a closely interconnected social fabric across LA County.

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