Driving economic growth at the local level through the exchange of skills and services. 

‍The SBCC Approach

The conventional approach for revitalizing under-resourced communities often entails outsourcing solutions to experts. However, this top-down strategy can result in assets that exist within the community being overlooked. SBCC believes that the real experts are a community's own residents, who possess a deep understanding of the social fabric, economic challenges, and systemic issues at play. Entrusting decision-making to individuals within the community fosters ownership and ensures sustainable, effective solutions in the long term.

The Work We Do 

With Local Economies, SBCC actively promotes economic growth at the grassroots level by supporting small businesses and innovative individuals within the community. Central to our efforts is our monthly community pop-up event, held the first Saturday of each month. In addition, our online bartering platform facilitates skill and service exchanges among professionals, broadening the accessibility of local expertise. Our commitment extends further through our Community Beautification projects, which harnesses local talent to help businesses transform their spaces into more vibrant environments. Lastly, our Streetcraft pop-up serves as a launchpad for entrepreneurial participants, cultivating a thriving local ecosystem.


The way to bring life to a community is by activating its hidden gems. LA Waterfront Pizza is a brick-and-mortar restaurant on Avalon with its very own Parklet. The video below shows the ribbon cutting ceremony with community members, partners, and other local businesses showing support. 



The Avalon Beautification project included updating local businesses with either a fresh coat of paint, a new sign, or whatever they felt was needed to bring their business to life. Meet Elizabeth Mechuca, the owner of "Synesthesia," a charming boutique on Avalon in Wilmington, whose unique story and powerful reason behind choosing that name are captured in the interview below.

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