Transforming the entrepreneurial landscape by cultivating a more equitable and inclusive economic environment.

The SBCC Approach

The conventional approach to supporting under-resourced communities typically involves offering training, mentorship, and resources within the confines of existing economic systems. SBCC is challenging this model with community-owned enterprises aimed at reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape and cultivating a more equitable and inclusive economic environment.

Supporting entrepreneurs in local communities through a resiliency, strengths-based approach.

The SBCC Approach 

At SBCC, we recognize the untapped entrepreneurial potential that exists within impoverished communities, which is often overlooked by traditional social services agencies. Through our Streetcraft Venture, we work to unlock and support the innate talent in these underrepresented communities. By providing a pathway to entrepreneurship, we not only boost their economic prospects but also enhance the broader creative economy, catalyzing impactful societal change.

The Work We Do 

SBCC supports entrepreneurs in learning the building blocks of launching a small business, from creating a business plan, to building partnerships, logo and web design, leveraging social media, and more. The Streetcraft Venture includes access to industry clients, SBCC`s network, online virtual classes, and 1:1 daily sessions with instructors.

Entrepreneurial Growth Phases

Participants in Streetcraft undergo a transformative journey through three distinct stages:

  • Cultivating Entrepreneurial Identity (Stage 1): We guide individuals in developing an entrepreneurial identity, recognizing their unique potential, and nurturing their self-belief.
  • Building and Amplifying Products/Services (Stage 2): A supportive collective to help entrepreneurs refine their product or service.
  • Incubating Personal Ventures (Stage 3): In this final stage, participants incubate their own ventures, putting their skills and knowledge into action.

Targeted Support Programs

Streetcraft General Relief

Tailored for recipients of general relief from the Department of Social Services (DPSS), this program provides a year-long intensive support system that assists individuals in creating and launching their own small businesses, providing the critical guidance and resources to succeed.

Streetcraft Adult Participants

Open to all other aspiring entrepreneurs, this program offers tailored support and mentorship to help them navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship successfully.

Join Streetcraft and embark on a transformative journey that not only empowers individuals but also enriches our communities and fosters positive societal change.
Together, let's unlock the hidden potential within every aspiring entrepreneur.

Hands-on support and tangible resources designed to propel burgeoning entrepreneurs towards success.

The SBCC Approach 

Unlike conventional social services agencies, SBCC’s Small Business Alliance (SBA) provides concrete assistance, including substantial grants, comprehensive financial aid, and one-on-one coaching. This alliance serves as a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and collectively advocate for policies and initiatives that benefit the community. Through our inclusive approach, members from general relief and adult programs seamlessly integrate into the SBA, where they receive tailored guidance, fostering their journey toward entrepreneurship. Our aim is not just to provide a safety net, but to create a dynamic platform for entrepreneurial success, making SBA a driving force for transformative change.

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