SBCC drives social change by elevating the assets within neighborhoods. We harness the power of community by investing in the gift and talents of residents through four key areas:

1. Social Change Networks
2. Economic Opportunities & Resources
3. Individual, Family, & Community Resiliency
4. Mobilization & Action Programs

Community Activation

Most people talk about what’s wrong with historically vulnerable and low-income communities—not what's right. SBCC is flipping that narrative and creating a structure to leverage all of the assets, gifts, and talents within a community in order to drive lasting change. As such, the SBCC model of community organizing places the long-term development and growth of relationships at the center of the process. SBCC’s commitment is to help build and sustain resilient, adaptable, and socially-engaged communities over the long term.

• iHeart Farming
• Community Organizing
• Give Your Gift
• Clean Wilmington

Economic Vitality

Poverty is the result of a lack of investment in people’s gifts and talents, disenfranchised individuals and communities, racial and class prejudice, lack of respect for community wisdom, and the absence of educational equity. It is not defined as laziness, lack of ambition, reckless spending, poor judgement, indifference to education, deficient problem solving, lethargy, chronic substance abuse.

• Career Pathways
• Streetcraft
• Family Prosperity
• Local Economies


SBCC believes that ensuring the well-being of families is key to improving the health, safety, and success of communities at large. Asset-based community development is the philosophical cornerstone of building a resilient, connected, thriving community. By building strengths and supporting residents rather than trying to solve deficit-based problems, communities will drive lasting change.

• Community Doulas
• Preschool Without Walls
• Thriving Together
• Counseling
• Well-being Initiative
• Kinship Care

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