Community Activation

This workshop series will help attendees with a long or short-term goal they plan to accomplish. The goal is to develop the ideas that relate to our personal goal(s). In this first workshop series, we created vision statements to get the mind going. On Wednesday, January 25th, the workshop “kicked off”.

Community youth signs off after playing soccer at Sorensen Park in Lake Los Angeles


In the first half, Francisco Panchito Ramirez (Panchito), Executive Director of Dreamer’s Soccer Clinic, gave the audience his 5 insightful points for “winning” in life. To win, he suggests dreaming big, be intentional, find a mentor, get connected to programs, be a lifelong learner and trust the process. These points derive from the personal journey he experienced to become a D1 Soccer Player at UC Riverside and a Graduate of University of Michigan’s School of Educational Leadership & Policy. A Lake Los Angeles native and first-generation college student, these principles created energy within Panchito to overcome challenges during his personal journey.

The audience, with the points in mind, brainstormed potential long or short term “goals” in the second half of the workshop. Meanwhile, I, Carlos-youth coordinator for SBCC’s youth program Escape Room, asked the audience to keep the goals simple and determine if the goals were long or short term.

The audience listens to Francisco “Panchito” Ramirez as he elaborates on his 5 principles

Here’s some goals that came out: to transition from a (soccer) midfielder to a goalkeeper, to become a fast distance runner for the upcoming track season, to get good grades in order to become a professional cosmetologist, to complete all classes, I’m taking this semester.

Next time, the audience will work on creating vision statements for such goals.


Hey, the workshop group welcomes YOU, the reader for the next time! The workshop series are held every 4th Wednesday of the month except for the next workshop. Noting that Ash Wednesday is on February 22nd, February’s workshop will be on Tuesday the 21st of February.

Carlos Baltazar is the Youth Development Coordinator - East Antelope Valley Region for Strength Based Community Change (SBCC). Programming is conducted at The Center al Wilsona located at 41625 170th Street East, Room S-13, Wilsona Elementary School Campus. Entry is on the East Avenue M-8 gates.

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