SBCC Differentiator

Thriving Together is helping close the achievement gap created by a traditional deficit model focused on students’ academic failures rather than investing in their strengths and interests. Thriving Together  provides students in under-served communities with hands-on, individual attention they might not otherwise receive. SBCC is using a strengths and interest based personalized learning model to achieve education equity and excellence. 


Thriving Together is a strength and interest-based community learning model that provides high-quality youth development and after-school programs to children in under-served communities to help them improve their academic skills. These services are centered around promoting educational growth with activities that boost positive behavior, good thinking skills, and, most of all, share that learning is fun. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, Thriving Together’s distance learning pods have become a lifeline for students and their families, allowing them to connect to the tools they need to navigate remote learning with ease.

Thriving Together serves elementary and middle school aged children with a curriculum heavily based in STREAM principles (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math), while also providing the opportunity for high school students to become tutors, mentors, and role models as they fulfill service-learning credits needed for graduation. Thriving Together focuses on building life skills such as leadership, patience, problem solving skills, confidence, communication skills, and cooperation skills. The Venture also offers Kindergarten through 6th grade students a seven-week summer program filled with team builders, creative arts, history, STREAM activities, and weekly field trips designed to make learning fun.

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