A resiliency, strengths-based approach encouraging entrepreneurs to create their future, incubate their ideas, and innovate their culture.

SBCC Differentiator

Some of the most entrepreneurial people on the planet are those who live in poverty—and are often left out of the traditional economy. SBCC recognizes the innate talent in these underrepresented individuals and works to support and leverage their strengths and interests thereby contributing to the creative economy as a whole.

We've got work to do

SBCC supports entrepreneurs in learning the building blocks of launching a small business, from creating a business plan, to building partnerships, logo and web design, leveraging social media, and more. The Streetcraft Venture includes access to industry clients, access to SBCC`s network, online virtual classes, and 1:1 daily sessions with instructors.

Entrepreneurs participating in Streetcraft move through three distinct stages:
Stage 1: Cultivating an entrepreneurial identity
Stage 2: Building a product or service and joining a collective that helps support and amplify it
Stage 3: Incubating your own venture

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