The Avalon Project

Activating the Parklets

The way to bring life to a community is by activating its hidden gems. Many small business are owned by local residents that want to give back. The installment of the parklets on Avalon have sparked a new life to the Wilmington scene. The first Parklet opened in February 2023 and it belongs to "LA Waterfront Pizza". This business began with Alvaro and his wife going to local community pop-ups with a home built brick oven that attached to the back of a truck. Now, LA Waterfront Pizza is a brick and mortar restaurant on Avalon with its very own Parklet. The video below has the ribbon cutting ceremony with community members, partners, and other local businesses showing support. People like Avalon Arts, Dip Deez Paletas, Council Member Tim McOkser of Council District 15, Assembly Member Mike Gipson of the 65th District and much more.

LA Waterfront Pizza

Synesthesia Boutique

The Avalon Beautification project included updating local business with either a fresh coat of paint, or a new sign, or whatever they felt they needed to bring their business to life. Below is Elizabeth Mechuca who is the owner of "Synesthesia" a small boutique on Avalon in Wilmington. Her story is unique and the reason as to why she chose that name is powerful. Watch the full interview below.

SBCC Differentiator

SBCC believes the experts who can help revitalize the local economy are individuals that live within the community. It does not believe in outsourcing this work because the folks within a community have a better understanding of its culture. 


With Local Economies, SBCC is helping drive economic growth at the local level by supporting small businesses and innovative individuals within the community. It is made up of the monthly community pop up that happens the first Saturday of every month. This also includes programs such as bartering as a professional exchange of skills and services delivered via the SBCC website, as well as the Community Beautification/Creative Natives Collective, which leverages local talent to help businesses redesign their space.

The Streetcraft pop up is more than just an event its a community, a safe space, and a launching pad for brave and resilient individuals who are challenging the narrative of the creative economy.

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