SBCC Differentiator

Traditional approaches give relative caregivers counseling and material things such as furniture, diapers, school supplies, and food. SBCC believes this is not enough. SBCC chooses to invest energy and time in strengthening family ties through the creation of experiences that provide enrichment activities, family bonding and community building. SBCC believes we must honor and respect the role that relative caregivers play in their children’s well-being.


SBCC’s Kinship Care Venture provides support to caregivers who are relatives of children detained by the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for reasons of child safety. 

Through this Venture, SBCC offers a variety of resources for growth, care, and development so that these children can build new, healthy relationships and create a new network of support.

SBCC uses a humanistic approach that focuses on participants' strengths, resiliency, and assets to empower each person to improve their lives and the community around them.

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