Community-based food system fostering the next generation of environmental advocacy by reclaiming green space.

How we work

iHeart Farming is a neighborhood-based cooperative created to introduce local residents, children, and families to green and environmentally conscious eating, gardening, and planting practices.

These gardens have evolved over time from providing access to fresh organic fruits and vegetables to also include a sustainable bartering system and farm fresh eggs along with organic honey and other sources of food that come under the umbrella of urban farming. This allows community members to not only control access to their own food, but actually be part of growing it alongside their families, neighbors, and friends.

We understand that resilient communities must have the tools to reduce pollution as well as access to their own locally-sourced food systems.

The work that we do

Since its founding, iHeart Farming has partnered with local elementary schools in order to promote a love and appreciation for gardening and the environment, fostering the next generation of advocates and environmentally literate community members. SBCC has also provided workshops for residents to help them cultivate a green space in their homes to help reduce in-door pollution.

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