Driving social change at the local level via the exchange of residents’ gifts, talents, and abilities.

SBCC Differentiator

At its core, Give Your Gift is about organizing and scaling a community’s capacity to help itself. SBCC is paving the way for an alternative “gift economy” that will result in a more inclusive local economy that works for everyone. Money is not the only indicator of success.

We've got work to do

SBCC believes that lasting social change happens when communities come together to support each other by sharing their gifts, talents, and abilities—and that every individual has something unique to contribute. SBCC has created a digital platform to facilitate this exchange on the local level and help build a more equitable and just society in the process.

SBCC looks at gift givers as community experts and has developed a gifts and  strengths self-awareness activity to help people identify and develop their own expertise. With the Give Your Gift Venture, SBCC is laying the groundwork for a new kind of “gift economy,” which strengthens the bond between givers and receivers and reinforces the importance of each individual contribution

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