Creating innovative models to financial security by providing low-income families with access to financial and social capital.

SBCC Differentiator

SBCC understands that when families have money and are in control of their own decisions and have access to financial resources to invest in self-determined solutions, everyone wins. By putting families in the driver's seat, SBCC is helping break the cycle of generational poverty, facilitate upward mobility, and promote family unity.

We've got work to do

The Family Prosperity Venture is an innovative economic development strategy designed to challenge the decades-long public assistance model of poverty reduction by partnering with community members to invest in their own upward mobility. By providing families with flexible spending money, support via social networks, guidance from an Economic Development Coach, and an online platform to track goals and activities, this Venture helps improve their economic stability and overall well-being.

As part of the Family Prosperity Ventures, SBCC offers a number of additional related services:

Bartering Economy:

A platform that allows the exchange goods and services via social networks.

• Credit Repair, Banking, Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC):

A service that helps families take control of their finances with resources related to banking, credit repair, and assistance filling out their taxes to help them receive the EITC.

• Lending Circles:

A non-traditional banking model that serves as a zero-interest social loan where a group of six to ten people contribute money towards a shared pot. Each month, a different participant receives the loan.

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