SBCC Differentiator

SBCC believes that every individual has gifts and talents they can contribute to their families and communities. And, that everyone struggles with pain, loss, disappointment, and failure and may need a helping hand at times. SBCC’s Counseling and Coaching Venture is different from traditional therapy programs which focus on diagnosis and treatment for what is not working in someone's life. Instead, SBCC supports folks in their path to healing by helping them rediscover their hope and find their gifts, talents, and passions through a caring relationship with a counselor who has walked in their shoes. This method is based on a foundation of empathy and respect as well as the power of social networks to create a sense of community and connection to one another.


SBCC's Counseling and Coaching Venture is reimagining therapy through a resiliency model which trusts that each person has the capacity to confront their challenges and the strength to find a new path forward. We believe in a positive psychology approach which focuses on treating people as equals and elevating their strengths.

SBCC offers counseling and coaching to individuals and families regardless of income. We offer services to individuals who don't have insurance, who are undocumented, and who are turned away by larger mental health agencies. We partner with folks to help them fulfill their goals and dreams for the future.

SBCC counselors use their resourceful knowledge and connect participants to various social networks of support to enhance participant's sense of belonging to a shared purpose.

It's not just counseling or coaching at SBCC, it's a different way of using our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to lift up ourselves and the communities we live in.

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