Activating resident-led movements through relationship-based organizing.

SBCC Differentiator:

SBCC’s Community Organizing Venture is resident-led. In this model, residents lead the change and communities set their own agendas. This activation is about building a socially connected fabric of relationships that unites residents in a disruptive movement to challenge oppressive social norms and elevate the gifts and talents of ordinary people.

The work that we do

Over the past twenty years, SBCC has built a powerful network of over 100 Neighborhood Action Councils (NACs) with more than 2,000 members throughout Los Angeles County to leverage participants' shared gifts and talents to tackle a wide-range of initiatives from early childhood education, access to food resources, the Census, and voter education and engagement.

Since its inception, the Community Organizing Venture has evolved from working one-on-one with individual neighborhoods, to a countywide initiative with a powerful quorum of voices working towards a shared agenda. Resident members of the NACs work together to build their own neighborhood-based identity and mission. They then identify themselves as part of a countywide network of NACs that are all working on common goals that educate, engage and activate residents.

The network of relationships within the NAC, and between the NAC and the larger community, serves as a resource to increase the efficacy of this work and ultimately contribute to the vitality and well-being of the neighborhood. SBCC has helped weave a socially connected fabric throughout neighborhoods across Los Angeles County.

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