SBCC Differentiator

Typically, doulas are seen as a luxury birthing service which many families cannot afford. However, SBCC Community Based Doulas are available to everyone that qualifies. The Community Based Doula’s mission is centered on the relationships they build with the families as they help them find their voice and advocate for their birth plan. 


SBCC’s Community Based Doulas offer prenatal, labor, lactation, and postpartum support to under-served and at-risk women and teens who are pregnant or have recently given birth. SBCC doulas strive to build strong relationships with the new mothers they work with, while offering physical, emotional, and educational support and advocacy. Studies have shown that women in low-income groups experience sub-standard care and have consistently poorer maternal outcomes. As members of a larger network, SBCC’s doulas work with community partners to connect families to appropriate resources.

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