Fostering economic vitality through a committed partnership between SBCC, educational institutions, and a network of employers.

SBCC Differentiator

With Career Pathways, SBCC takes learning and professional development beyond the traditional Community College model. SBCC provides a critical component which involves an array of supportive services. Partnering with local employers to co-create curriculums, matching people with pathways that align with their particular skills and interests, and then plugging them into that employer network, SBCC is paving the way for an entirely new ecosystem of job development.

We've got work to do

Career Pathways is a venture consisting of diverse curriculums across a wide range of disciplines including digital, energy, manufacturing, and logistics. This framework helps individuals surface and develop their talents, abilities, and skills, and aligns them with a network of employer support leading to not just jobs, but lasting careers.

Career Pathways provides a compelling and innovative alternative to the Community College model, which has a historically low rate of matriculation—only 13 percent within the typical two-year program. By partnering with industries and employers at the local level, SBCC is able to reverse engineer its curriculums to ensure participants are armed with the skills they need to be successful.

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