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New Energy Pathway Program cohort for January 2023 is now full!

Why Energy Pathway Program?

The Energy Pathway Program is designed to serve the unemployed/underemployed and low-income men, women and veterans residing in the Greater Los Angeles area, with preference given to residents from Wilmington, Carson, Long Beach, San Pedro, Harbor City, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Torrance and Lomita. These multi-cultural & multi- ethnic communities face a wide array of challenges derived from a systemic lack of employment training resources that lead to chronic financial challenges that affect individuals, families and the community at large.

There continues to be a clear need for job and workforce development opportunities and continued education resources in the region that provide the training required to obtain living-wage employment opportunities. With the support from Local Refinery Partners, the Energy Pathway Program will continue to be a ray of hope in our local communities in changing the narrative that a career in process technology is not just a dream.

How is EPP different?


The Energy Pathway Program provides a one-year training program and twenty-five & a half-unit Certificate of Achievement in Process Technology from Coastline Community College. This prepares participants for careers as process operators, with all coursework aligned with an ongoing AS-to-BS degree sequence in engineering for students interested in pursuing further education. The program trains individuals and actively works to place every graduate in a process technology position following graduation, thus closing the gap between skills training and employment. Throughout the process, SBCC`s Program Manager works directly with the students and provides them the assistance necessary so that they have the upmost success in the program, helping them manage study skills and academic support. SBCC provides outreach, assessment, enrollment, case management, coaching and academic support, as well as placement assistance with employers in the targeted sector, and a minimum of six months of follow-up career success coaching after initial hire.

"A life changing career not just a job"

What is the outcome of EPP?


Since its inception, the Energy Pathway Program has served a total of 492 individuals– roughly a 90% completion rate – and boasts an employment retention rate of 85%.


Our Results:

·       90% of EPP participants will complete the program

·       100% of EPP graduates will be certified in Process Technology

·       80% of EPP graduates will be offered employment as process operators within 12 months of graduation

·       90% of hired process operators will retain employment for a minimum of six months


EPP participants will be placed in PTEC industries such as: MPC, TRC, Valero, Chevron, P66 and other out of state refineries such as EXXON and Shell. Through EPP quarterly meetings, partners communicate industry trends, policy, government impacts/changes, and future hiring/workforce forecasts. EPP staff uses such information to create an application/work search plan for the cohort nearing graduation and alumni from the previous cohort that need placement.

The long-lasting partnership that SBCC has with PTEC industries are a key component of our sustainability plan. SBCC is continually researching and seeking new ways to advance and evolve EPP to fit the newest requirements and jobs in the PTEC Industries. As well as seeking new funding and grants that are available.

The Energy Pathway Program is a key venture that SBCC believes in and has supported for the past 15 years.

EPP is just the beginning – Future paths to come! Alta Sea, Water District, and more to come!

SBCC Differentiator

With Career Pathways, SBCC takes learning and professional development beyond the traditional Community College model. SBCC provides a critical component which involves an array of supportive services. Partnering with local employers to co-create curriculums, matching people with pathways that align with their particular skills and interests, and then plugging them into that employer network, SBCC is paving the way for an entirely new ecosystem of job development.

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